About Me

Hey there! My name is Amanda Zuo.

I help games increase their audience by creating functional UX and aesthetically pleasing UI and art.

I’m a good listener for understanding others’ points of view, as I believe that is required for success. I strongly value integrity and possess empathy for others, which I believe is valuable to effective communication. I’m also a creative and meticulous visual thinker with the diligence to complete a goal once it is set, and I am passionate and enthusiastic about what I do.

My system consists of listening to ideas to thoroughly understand them, from which I create customized experiences and visuals to fit the needs of the audience I’m catering to.

My goal is to include you in a process that will ultimately increase your game’s audience with its appeal. Instead of having difficulty attracting consumers, have an enjoyable game experience and eye-catching visuals to draw them in and retain them.

The core mission behind my work is to help people get their games in front of the world by making them appealing and unique.

My work includes game art, illustrations, graphics, and web and mobile interfaces.

My background is in Psychology and a long-time love of drawing and art. To connect these, I attended DESIGNATION, a digital design bootcamp encompassing the design process from UX to UI. I learned to use visual design as a way to improve function and appeal, and I’m always soaking up knowledge in my various fields of profession. I also enjoy designing for innovative platforms.

When I’m not designing or drawing, I like to play games, do photography, transcribe music, and look at stars.

Click here to go to my Artstation portfolio.