UK government website whose purpose was to bring all their information in one place

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Project is the UK government’s website whose purpose is to simplify things for people looking for information about public services. However, the format in which the information was presented was disorganized and drab.

My goal was to make the website a more pleasing experience to browse for information by making it more organized and visually appealing.

Redesigning the Webpages:


Existing Page:

Redesign’s Initial Wireframe and Mockup

  • Colored icons for more visually appealing content
  • Organized information by sections containing links leading to other pages
  • Navigation bar at top on every page, allowing the user to get to subpages
  • Sitewide search bar in navigation bar and in header

Iterations and Other Pages

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Homepage Iteration

After getting feedback I realized the need for visitors to get information quickly, so I redesigned the Homepage:

  • Showed more content at a glance.
  • Placed important content first that visitors would likely want to see most

Public Services Page

  • Used basic structure of existing website page, as it was relatively effective

Information Records Pages

For these three pages, I also used the same basic structure of searching, filtering, and showing content.

News and Communications

Research and Statistics

Policy Papers and Consultations

Departments, Agencies, and Public Bodies

Performance (of government services)

Original Page:


  • Organized content by combining the content of two existing pages for “Services” and “Dashboards”
  • Allows the visitor to find information on one page, instead of needing to click into subpages with the same content format.


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Click for Invision prototype (opens in new window)

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