Time Travel Game

A puzzle game based around time travel

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Art, Animation


Benjamin Eskildsen


My client enlisted me to create the in-game and out-of-game art assets for his game based around time travel. In it, the the player guides the protagonist through a series of mazes in a haunted-type mansion in order to escape, by using time travel.

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Game Visual Inspiration

My client requested a theme of the game be “old-timey” 1800’s Victorian, which would drive the style of the game assets. He provided examples of ideas and the look and feel to be used in the game, such as of the fantasy story The Clock that Went Backward and H.G. Wells’ book The Time Machine.

H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

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Character Design and Art

Character Visual Inspiration

  • “Old-timey” Victorian look and feel
  • Portable time machine, like a pocket watch
  • Lantern for use inside the pitch-black mansion
Images of inspired clothing and accessory designs for the character:

Character Design Drafts

Idea sketches

Lineart with chosen outfit design

  • Certain elements enlarged to be able to be seen in-game, as the character sprite will be relatively small on the screen

Color Combinations

Final Character Design

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In-game Animations

Character Sprite Walking Animation

Sprite Sheet

Time Travel Animation Sprite

  • The in-game sprite of this image spins clockwise when he uses the time machine to travel back in time

Alternate Time Travel Animation

  • A full-screen animation of the character’s time machine working its magic
Sprite Sheet

Character Sprite Losing Animation

  • When the player runs out of move options, such as when encounters his past self while time traveling or bumps into a locked gate, a paradox happens and the level is lost.

Sprite Sheet

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In-game Elements

  • The levels’ maps and elements are in a bird’s eye view.

Walls Sprite Sheet

Stone pattern


Floor Pattern Options

Wooden planks



  • Opens gates when pressed


  • Different colors correspond to different buttons



  • The staircase in each level is the target destination in the maze to win the level.

Spiral Staircase

  • The player character reaches the staircase to go down to the floor under it, getting closer to escaping the mansion


  • Examples of Pokemon in-game map with staircases and a bird’s eye view of a spiral staircase

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App Screens

The player sees this screen upon starting the game. It will have buttons to start the level, reset the game, etc.

Inspiration for Scenery

Mansion ideas

Scene concept

Final Main Menu Iteration

  • Black and white with grainy, sketchy style drawing to reflect a “haunting” look and feel of the game

Splash Screen

  • Shown when the game is loading
  • Shows the character and his past selves which were spawned from time traveling

Level Won Screen

  • The player character successfully found his way down the staircase in the level, being one floor closer to escaping the mansion

Game Won Screen

  • The player character is outside the mansion after winning the game

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In-game Screenshot

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