Project: Fantasy Game Graphics and Art

Project: South China University of Technology

The South China University of Technology alumni had their 40th anniversary for team sports. The alumni reside in the USA and Canada. It was too difficult for them to meet in person, so instead, they recorded the distance it would take to get to the school to represent meeting in person. This logo is printed on a hat for all the team members.

Team Logo

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Orcasmart is is a startup building a BIP (Business Intelligence Platform) that will help companies manage their businesses.

Icons to be used in the platform

Project: Glance

An internet connected mirror displaying tailored useful information.

Icons to be used in the mirror screens

Miscellaneous Icons

Raving Panda

Leopard Moth Hat

“Shoot” – Camera + Cannon

Project: Napa Photography

The North American photography Association (NAPA) hosts photography contests. They sought to show their timeline of events in a more intuitive way.

Infographic – Timeline

Two versions:

White-arrow timeline
  • Highlights the different types of events by color
  • The style has a light feel

Red-arrow timeline
  • Emphasizes visually the flow of time more than the events
  • Style based off of Oscar’s red carpet and gold trophy colors, as the client desired their contest to “feel like the Oscar’s”